StarCraft ii

StarCraft ii
StarCraft II is the sequel to real-time strategy StarCraft, announced May 19, 2007 by the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational 2007 in Seoul, South Korea.

The game is in development since 2003. In 2007, the development team was composed of 40 persons.

Chris Sigaty the game's producer, announced at the 2008 exhibition that BlizzCon StarCraft II will be divided in three games. Each album will offer single player campaign of one race only and full multiplayer mode with three playable races, In addition, a mini tutorial will be offered for each race, regardless of the solo campaign provided.

On May 3, 2010, Blizzard announced that the game will be available July 27, 2010 in a large number of countries (China being temporarily excluded from this list).

With a sudden development of $ 100 million, this would be one of the most expensive games in history.

Note that each player campaign will offer specific units are not usable in multiplayer.

The games, whose titles announced the triptych "StarCraft II Trilogy" are not necessarily final, will appear in this order:

1. StarCraft II - Terran: Wings of Liberty (in English: Wings of Liberty);
2. StarCraft II - Zerg: Heart of the Swarm (in English: Heart of Swarm);
3. StarCraft II - Protoss: Legacy of the Void (in English: Legacy of the Void).

It will likely take a year between each episode: "With luck, it could take nearly a year between each successive section, but this is a goal, not a promise.

StarCraft II is eagerly awaited by communities of RTS from Blizzard Entertainment that the players of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and StarCraft: Brood War. Indeed, it is supposed to unite the two communities and thus become the reference strategy game for competitive eSports.

Blizzard has announced that the three races present in the first phase would be the only available in the new version. The player will have to choose among the Zerg, Protoss and Terrans. However, new units will be available, as well as some new features to existing units.

StarCraft II units would retain some of the original game such as Zergling, marines, and zealots ((en) Zealot - translated into French in the first game of StarCraft in "disciple"). Some of these units have new capabilities. For example, the Zealot can now "loaded" on a short distance to reach rapidly firing units remotely. The Zergling side are capable of mutating into cankers (units bombers inflicting heavy damage in the form of jets acid), like the original game Infested Terran.

Many units will be added to each race, and some will be reworked. For example, the Protoss have the Mother Ship (English: Mothership), featuring, among others, the special ability "Breaker planet, inflicting heavy damage to all ground units, while the Terrans will have their provision Thor, a giant robot capable of razing a base alone, so large that it must be built by VCS and not in a building.

Following the events of the game, some units have been replaced by new ones. For example, the destruction of Aiur has prevented the creation of new dragons (the spirits of warriors Protoss transplanted into exoskeletons) caused a reshuffling of survivors in a different form, the "immortals". Their main characteristic is their shield, designed to withstand the most powerful attacks, such as artillery, but ineffective against small arms such as rifles Marines or Zergling claws.

The demonstration reveals new opportunities for interaction with the environment. The Reapers, new Terran infantry units, can jump over a cliff with a backpack engine that allows it to propel over rough terrain while the Protoss Trackers (in English: Stalker) are capable of teleporting fast over short distances. The Protoss have a new unit, named Colossus (in English: Colossus), equipped with long legs capable of walking at whatever level the field, however, their large size makes them vulnerable to anti-air weapons. In addition, new capabilities were added to buildings. The Protoss are able to upload some of the prefabricated units in range of pylon and also have a unit, called the Phase Prism (in English: Phase Prism), which acts as a mobile tower, which provides energy to buildings in Protoss the absence of conventional towers.

Finally, the Protoss can now count on the mother ship, a flying fortress capable of strafing ground units with powerful beams of energy, but also generate a warp field temporal slowing enemies and their shots. It may have only one Mother Ship in both the game.

To date, almost all units Protoss and Terran were confirmed in the demo on the website, although some Zerg units have been briefly shown (on the site, only the Hydralisk, the Mutalisk Calamity and present) , and illustrations suggest that some characters may reappear in StarCraft StarCraft II as Zeratul, Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan. Demonstrations of BlizzCon 2007 revealed the Protoss and Terran technology trees, with units still unpublished on the website. These trees are of course subject to many changes before release.

Another demo out shortly after the announcement of the game, called "First Look: Protoss" circulating in YouTube (apparently after he granted an exclusive PC Gamer), on which we can discover some new units :

* Soul Hunter, new ground unit moving a bit like a hovercraft (or running board at very low altitude) but the unit will not actually present in StarCraft II;
* Tempest, obviously the new version of the Carrier (nave door), which has a special shield against attacks from the ground (the original carrier ship was finally retained). This unit will probably not present in the game;
* Twilight Archon, derived from the Archon and Dark Archon's first album;
* Phase Cannon, Photon Cannon replacing present in StarCraft 1, allows the dematerialization of the building as a ball of energy, mobile, who can re-materialize at another location after a short time. This new ability will probably reassigned Colonial drowned and Spores of the Zerg, since it is likely that the Photon Cannon is restored.

The article published in PC Gamer reported the presence of other units from the first album:

* Watch;
* High Templar;
* Dark Templar.

Two others, the Star Relic, and Reaver were not finally retained.

On June 15, 2007, Blizzard has posted a page devoted to the Protoss flying unit called Phoenix, which will have a devastating attack area effect. Since September 2007, Terran units are described, and a new video describing only the Terran technology is available, since the publication thereof, presented some units such as the Cobra were dropped, others modified or as Thor or Viking. New pages, describing the units and buildings are regularly made available on the official site. In addition, Q posted on the official forum are very informative on the additional units, buildings and principles of play. Many units have been announced deleted, modified or replaced. Blizzard communicate many of these changes on the official forum dedicated to the game, and sometimes via the official website, or in interviews. In March 2008, the Zerg are being presented to the public by a video presentation followed by a few units described on the official site. At that time, the Zerg were asked which race still more development.

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