United Airlines

United Airlines
United Airlines (IATA: UA, ICAO: UAL) is a U.S. airline and one of the world's biggest companies, now in third place nationally and globally:

* Daily departures: 2295
* Passengers per day: 195,607 (2000 figures)
* American Airports Served: 102
* International Airports served: 37
* Approximate Number of Employees: 62,000 (September 2004) against 104,000 more than 10,000 pilots before September 11, 2001.
* Alliance Partnership "Star Alliance"

From 1919 to 1940

* May 1919: The U.S. Post Office starts a service of "flying postmen", composed mainly of veterans of the First World War.
* 1924: Linking the East Coast to the West Coast of the United States increased from 82 hours (flight + train) to 32 hours.
* February 2, 1925: The U.S. Congress authorizes the signing of contracts for airmail with private companies. The commercial air transport is born with the creation of new companies that raise their options on different routes.
* April 6, 1926: Varney Air Lines inaugurated the first airmail service contract to the U.S., Pasco (Washington DC) in Elko (Nevada), via Boise (Idaho). The story of United Airlines begins with this link, provided by Leon Cuddeback flying a biplane with open cockpit Swallow.
* May 12, 1926: National Air Transport inaugurates air mail service between Chicago, Kansas City and Dallas.
* September 15, 1926: Pacific Air Transport inaugurates airmail service along the West Coast, from Los Angeles to Seattle. A passenger in the faint of heart may accompany mail bags for $ 132.
* May 15, 1927 - Boeing Air Transport (opened the first San Francisco to Chicago.
* October 30, 1928: United Aircraft & Transport Corporation as a holding company comprising Boeing Airplane Company, Boeing Air Transport, Pacific Air Transport and Pratt & Whitney.
* May 15, 1930 - Boeing Air Transport marks the history of aviation in creating the first service of stewardesses. The first of them, Ellen Church, a nurse from Cresco, Iowa, persuaded the company to establish a service air hostesses during a trial period of three months. The first eight stewardesses flew aboard a Boeing 80-A can carry 12 passengers, from San Francisco to Chicago via Cheyenne - a journey of 24 hours. The experiment was declared successful and 20 new hostesses were hired. Other companies were not slow to follow suit.
* March 30, 1933: Commissioning of first Boeing 247, a twin-engine low-wing metal structure and can carry 10 passengers. The flight time from one coast to another, is more than 7:30 p.m..
* 1 May 1934: United Airlines, which had organized since 1931 a society combining four of the first commercial carriers becomes an independent commercial entity.
* 1st July 1934: Launch of the service of Canada.
* From 1934 to 1966: William A. Patterson (Pat) shall serve as CEO of United Airlines. Young employee of Wells Fargo Bank, Patterson was converted in the airline industry after participating in the establishment of a controversial loan of 5000 U.S. dollars to the Pacific Air Transport. Having presided over the fate of United Airlines for over 30 years, Patterson has led the company's early years to the era of jets.
* December 1936: At Oakland (Calif.), setting up the first kitchen to cater for passengers in flight, and implements the twin-engine Douglas DC-3, capable of carrying 21 passengers.
* 1937: Establishment of a luxury lounge "Skylounge" for passengers between New York and Chicago, and a service sleeper seats on flights between the East and West coasts.
* August 22, 1938: Creation of the Civil Aviation Board terminating the control exercised by the U.S. postal service on airlines.

From 1947 to September 2001

* 1 May 1947: Establishment of the San Francisco-Honolulu.
* 1948: Centralization of aircraft maintenance in San Francisco
* July 8, 1948: United Airlines passenger carries his 10.000.000e.
* 1951: 30 twin-engine Convair-Liner first 340 are ordered for an amount of 16.5 million U.S. dollars, then 25 additional copies. Commissioning of the new Douglas DC-4 Mainliner, four-engined aircraft can carry 66 passengers, the West Coast to the East Coast in 14 hours, at an average speed of 370 km / h.
* 1953: In collaboration with RCA, beginning development of a weather radar system on board.
* May 6, 1955: First non-stop flights between New York and San Francisco, reducing the flight time to 8 h 45.
* October 25, 1955: Control of the first jet aircraft, 30 Douglas DC-8, totaling 175 million U.S. dollars.
* 1960: The Douglas DC-8 are used to connect Chicago to Honolulu non-stop in 7 hours 52.
* June 1, 1961: Merger of United Airlines and Capital Airlines to create the largest airline in the world.
* December 1961: Corporate headquarters moved from Midway to move into an office complex of 20 hectares near the Chicago O'Hare International Airport.
* December 1964: Eleven years after the start of study, United Airlines became the first domestic airline to install a system of landing all-time fully automated.
* October 1965: Launch of campaign "Fly the Friendly Skies.
* 1 August 1969: Creations of the new holding company United Airlines Included.
* July 31, 1970: The new holding company buys Western International Hotels chain, which will be renamed Westin Hotels in 1981.
* March 1972: The passenger reservation system "Instamatic" developed, is replaced by a new computerized system, "Apollo".

* December 1976: Establishment of agencies to travel to a computerized reservation system.
* October 1978: The implementation of airline deregulation in the United States, leads to the gradual elimination of control functions performed by the Civil Aviation Board. The choice of destinations is free, and the price of services.
* December 20, 1980: Inauguration of the service of Mexico.
* May 6, 1981: Establishment of "Mileage Plus", a promotional program and loyalty for travelers taking frequent fliers.
* 1 April 1983: Inauguration of nonstop service between the North-West Pacific, and Tokyo is the first regular line of the company outside the North American continent.
* May 1983: Inauguration of a nonstop service between Seattle and Hong Kong.
* May 1983: Inauguration of a hub (hub) in San Francisco.
* August 30, 1985: Acquisition of the Hertz Corporation.
* February 11, 1986: Acquisition of Pacific division of Pan Am 715 million U.S. dollars and start of service by 11 additional towns, a total of 13 cities in 10 countries in the Pacific Rim.
* 1 May 1986: Inauguration of the new hub airport on Washington Dulles International (Washington DC) United Airlines United Express Service creates a common commercial subsidiary, with regional carriers (Air Wisconsin Aspen and Westair.
* 9 June 1987: Start of a restructuring program involving the sale of outdoor activities to air transport: Hertz, Westin Hotels and Hilton International.
* March 1988: End of the implementation of the restructuring plan, United Airlines is dedicated to his job again: the management of its airlines.
* May 26, 1988: Change of name, it officially became United Airlines Corporation, United Airlines as its principal subsidiary.
* August 5, 1988: Sale of 50% it owns in the computerized reservation system "Apollo," held by Covia Partnership, comprising Alitalia, British Airways, KLM, Swissair and USAir.
* April / May 1989: Announcement of the largest order in the history of the aviation industry: 370 standard-body aircraft and 32 widebody aircraft.
* July 19, 1989: The Flight 232 crashed in Sioux City. 111 killed.
* September 1989: First company to bring into service Boeing 747-400 between the U.S. and Australia.
* December 1989: First 747-400 in regular liaison between San Francisco and Hong Kong. The company became the first carrier to trans-Pacific all its American and Japanese competitors.
* May 15, 1990: Inauguration of routes to Frankfurt in Europe since the airports of Chicago O 'Hare and Washington-Dulles (Washington DC).
* August 2, 1990: Inauguration of its daily flights from Paris CDG-Chicago O 'Hare.
* October 15, 1990: Announcement of the largest order for widebody ¹ s ¹ s history of commercial aviation and becomes the launch customer for the Boeing 777.
* January 8, 1991: Establishment of a nonstop service between Chicago O 'Hare and Tokyo, thus linking its two largest hubs.
* April 3, 1991: Acquisition of Pan Am hub at London Heathrow, adding to its global network of transatlantic routes 6 and 7 intra-European.
* May 19, 1991: Establishment of a second daily flight to Paris CDG Transatlantic Washington-Dulles (Washington DC).
* May 23, 1991 - Opening of the first agency United Airlines in Paris, at 34 Avenue de L ¹ Opera.
* November 23, 1991: Selection of Indianapolis to build its new maintenance center.
* 19 December 1991: Establishment of a third daily flight to Paris CDG nonstop Transatlantic - Los Angeles, but modified according to seasonal demand.
* January 15, 1992: MSIE up a service to Latin America.
* April 6, 1992: Establishment of a fourth daily flight nonstop Transatlantic Paris CDG - San Francisco, but modified according to seasonal demand.
* July 8, 1992: Announcement of an agreement with Airbus Industrie for a lease on 50 Airbus A320s and options on 50 additional copies.

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