Dream Evil

Dream Evil
Dream Evil is the name of a Swedish metal band.

The beginnings of Dream Evil go back to the autumn of 1999.

The Swedish producer Fredrik Nordstrom (Dimmu Borgir, Hammerfall, In Flames, The Haunted) harbored the desire for a separate volume. During a vacation in Greece, he met the Greek guitarist Gus G. know and invites him shortly afterwards to Sweden. Soon the two are sitting in the studio by Fredrik Nordström and write to first songs. When the first skeletons are of the songs that are looking for additional members for the band. The drums will be with Snowy Shaw (Ex-King Diamond), the song with Niklas Isfeldt (Background singer of Hammerfall) and the bass with Peter Stalfors (friends filled with Niklas Isfeldt). After some back and forth brings together the founding members and call the Dragonslayer.

In Century Media will find a record label that suggests the four musicians, however, be mentioned, their first album, Dragonslayer and change the name of the band. After brief consideration this request is complied with, and changed the band name in Dream Evil. The first album in April 2002, is overwhelmed with positive criticism and followed by several festival appearances.

Shortly after the release of their second album Evilized occur in February / March of 2003 for a European tour with Hammerfall.

The MCD Children of the Night released in October of 2003, shortly after a Japanese tour and includes four songs and a live video.

The third album by The Book Of Heavy Metal comes in March of 2004 on the market. Shortly afterwards, there will be changes in the band line: Gus G. Dream Evil leaves and is replaced by Mark U Black. Together with her new touring guitarist Dream Evil as support of Saxon through the concert halls.

Mid-2005, Niklas Isfeldt health problems with his voice, which almost quit his career. He recovered, however, a few months later and can start work again. In autumn 2005, Niklas and Peter Isfeldt Stalfors left the band in the short term, but they are within a few weeks back. Snowy Shaw is leaving in January 2006, a month before the recordings for the fourth album, according to an internal dispute with the band and takes all of his written songs. Nevertheless, let Snow and Dream Evil indicated that the separation took place without any bad blood.

End of June 2006 is the band announced on their website that they had found with Pat Power (aka Patrik Jerks) a new drummer and working on a new album, United. It was released in the fall of that year.

End of 2007, give Dream Evil announced that guitarist Mark U Black has left for family reasons, the band and is replaced by Dannee Demon.

In mid 2008, the album Gold Medal was announced in Metal. It will contain new songs, but also old bonus tracks, mostly from Japan. He is accompanied by a DVD with a live recording of Sticky Fingers concert in Gothenburg, 25 November 2006.

Studio Albums
* 2002 - Dragonslayer
* 2003 - Evilized
* 2004 - The Book Of Heavy Metal
* 2006 - United
* 2010 - In The Night

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