southwest airlines

southwest airlines
Southwest Airlines is a U.S. domestic budget airline based in Dallas. It was founded in March 1967 as Air Southwest Inc. of Herbert D. Kelleher and Texas businessman Rollin King. The hubs can amongst others Phoenix, Baltimore and Chicago (Midway). It is not to be confused with the also founded in 1967 Japanese "Southwest Air Lines, which has been renamed in 1993" Japan TransOcean Air "or with the British Air South West.

By at that time may be strict regulation of U.S. domestic air transportation by the Federal Aviation and appeals to the start of operations by the major U.S. airlines (American Airlines, United Airlines, Eastern Airlines and Delta Airlines), which was then the U.S. domestic market dominated delayed the start of operations of the new airline for four years.

In March 1971 the name was changed by Air South West Inc. in South West Airlines. On 18 June 1971 was finally flying between Dallas, Houston and San Antonio recorded with three Boeing 737-200. Home base since 1971 Dallas Love Field in Dallas, Texas.

Until 1978, only cities have been served within the State of Texas, from 1979, followed by expansion into Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arizona, Nevada and California.

After the sixth Founded in 1949 and 1988, the bankrupt U.S. Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) is the Southwest Airlines, the second low-cost airline in the world and generated profits consistently since 1973. Southwest Airlines is currently the largest low-cost airline in the world and the pioneer of low-cost segment. In terms of passengers carried (2008: 101.9 million) it is followed, the largest U.S. airline American Airlines and Delta Airlines, and also the largest domestic airline in the world. Southwest is among the top ten airlines in the world gewinnstärksten to fourth place.

The successful Southwest Airlines concept has been copied by some airlines, including Ryanair, Ireland, EasyJet, England, and Freedom Air; Zealand. You can reach but by far not the size or number of passengers of the original.

1971-1972 was the fleet of three Boeing 737-200 (N20SW-N22SW). Was used from 1979-1980, a Braniff Boeing 727-200 leased from 1983 to 1984, and two leased 727-200 from People Express. 1980 was one of the fleet, a Boeing 727-200 (leased) and 21 Boeing 737-200Adv., 1986, 46 Boeing 737-200Adv. and 16 Boeing 737-300.

In January 2005, the last of 55 former Boeing 737-200Adv. (Supplies provided by 1971-1985) out of service, several machines were turned off and still ready in reserve. In February 2005 the airline received its 200th Boeing 737-700.

To date, the airline holds only committed to the Boeing 737 and maintains the world's largest Boeing 737 fleet with more than 500 new and purchased aircraft. In the period from December 1997 to 31 Dezember 2004 193 Boeing 737-700 were put into service. Further machines of this type have been ordered. Southwest Airlines is also the launch customer for the Boeing 737-300 (since November 1984 in operation), the Boeing 737-500 (since May 1990 in operation) and the Boeing 737-700 (since December 1997 in line service).

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