Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines
Continental Airlines (IATA: CO, ICAO: COA) is an American airline. It is the sixth largest airline worldwide, with more than 2,900 daily departures to the Americas, Europe, Asia and even the Pacific, with its subsidiary Continental Micronesia (CS IATA). Continental serves 149 domestic destinations and 119 international destinations. She is based in Houston, Texas. She joined Star Alliance October 27, 2009.

The three platforms of correspondence ((en) hubs) are George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston [IAH], The Newark [EWR] and the Cleveland [CLE].

Continental Micronesia allows him to serve Hawaii, Polynesia, Micronesia (region), Australia, East Asia from its hub in Guam (International Airport Antonio B. Won Pat Guam) [GUM]

Cape Air, Gulfstream International Airlines and CommutAir contribute to Continental flights under the name "Continental Connection". Expressjet Continental also operates some flights under the name Continental Express.

Continental was one of the airline alliance Wings Alliance and was a partner of Northwest Airlines, KLM and Delta Airlines. As such, it is part of SkyTeam September 13, 2004 until October 24, 2009. It also holds shares code with the Amtrak station.

Continental Airlines began in 1934 as Varney Speed Lines, named after its owner, Walter T. Varney, from the airport in El Paso. Its present name was adopted in 1937 with the new owner Robert Six, who presided over the company for 40 years and moved its base in Denver (hence the name). For a long time limited to the southwestern United States, in 1953 it merged with Pioneer Airlines expanding into Texas and New Mexico. In 1957, the first flight between Chicago and Los Angeles was scheduled, but the Boeing 707 did not fly on the East Coast.

In 1963, the company headquarters moved to Los Angeles in 1968, a new image was unveiled (orange, gold with a black circle on the tail). This is the Vietnam War that led to the birth of Continental Micronesia (First Air Micronesia). In 1970, the first Boeing 747 into service. Auckland and Sydney were reached in 1977.

She was a member of SkyTeam, from September 2004 until October 24, 2009.

On June 19, 2008, Continental Airlines (number four in the U.S.) has announced an alliance with United Airlines (number two in the USA) and his intention to leave the SkyTeam marketing alliance to join a new Star Alliance partner.

On May 3, 2010, the company announced its merger with United Airlines for three billion dollars. The new company will be the largest airline in the world with a turnover of 29 billion dollars. The merger must still be approved by U.S. competition authorities.

On May 26, 2010, she announced the first air route with a Boeing 787 from Houston-Auckland 16 November 2011 (if approved by the DOT).

Controversy over safety
On July 25, 2000, a DC 10 of the company on takeoff from Paris airport - Roissy Charles De Gaulle, who lost a play turns out to be a forged titanium strip, causing the crash of Flight 4590 Air France ( Concorde), taking off just after him.

In 2008, a report from the American civil aviation is an increasing number of requests for emergency landing approach to Newark Airport near New York, because of fuel levels close to the minimum required. 64% of the incidents complained to Continental Airlines.

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