Tablet PC

Tablet PC
An electronic tablet, more often simply called tablet, and also known as mom and electronic slate tablet PC is a small tablet-shaped computer with no keyboard and mouse, in which data is input directly to the screen using a stylus or using the fingers or hand.

Differences between Tablet PCs and Tablet PCs
Although Tablet PCs, and Tablet PC devices are often very similar, there are subtle differences between them. According to Microsoft's definition, the term "Tablet PC" desing shelves based on the pen, and are fully functional x86 PC capable of converting handwriting and with a voice recognition feature .

While Tablet PCs are generally similar in capabilities to enter, but they are different from the category of Tablet PCs because they do not work with a generic version of Microsoft Windows, Linux or Apple Mac OS designed for computers office, but rather with an operating system dedicated to the device. It also means they need a connection to a personal computer to perform certain traditional features thereof, such as performing a backup, data synchronization and for a software update.

Key Hardware Components
* Motherboard: The motherboard of a tablet is very similar to that of a traditional laptop or netbook, except for motherboards tablets made by specific manufacturers, they are generally incompatible with each other.
* Touch screen: The user can type with a virtual keyboard on the touchscreen capacitive (found in new touch screen mobile devices such as iPad), whereas the Tablet PC that is they consist resistive screens.
* Memory: The unit of data storage, in SDS, similar to a laptop or flash memory.
* Accelerometer: A unit to detect the physical movement of the device.
* A smart Wi-Fi, and possibly a chip UMTS / HSDPA (3G).

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